Organizing Home or Business, Website Design, 
Marketing, Promotions, Budget Creation

Created a new marketing plan for this already well-established business to increase offerings and revenues and cut some costs.  Advised them in regards to staffing and budgeting issues, and recommended changes in paperwork, database, computer and office organization to increase efficiency and improve customer relations.

While working as an Executive Assistant to the Event Promoter for Victory of Light Festivals, (the largest psychic and natural healing events held in the Midwest), I:

    •  Re-organized his office operations to make them more efficient

tracked his cash flow and then created a budget for each event and for the rest of his business and personal affairs.  Budgeting tasks included extensive forensic bookkeeping).

    •  Created a new database to track vendors, customers, clients, mailing lists, and marketing targets.

    •  Created a digital floor plan system that was to scale for his venues and was easily adjustable, flexible, and readable when printed out so he could plan booth spaces, track vendor locations, and make changes on the fly.

    •  Created a sponsorship plan with several levels of participation, worked up a list of potential sponsors and contact info, and created marketing presentation packets used to solicit sponsorships.

    •  During events I was responsible for customer and vendor relations, organizing and supervising volunteers, regular collection of gate receipts, and assisting with set-up, organization, and tear-down.

    •  Designed festival programs, exhibitor’s ads in programs, and ads and ad layouts for full page spreads in CiN Weekly

    •  Created special event ticket sales system, ticketing graphics, and event sponsorship package.

I have designed graphics, brochures, business cards and business literature as well as provided start-up, organization, bookkeeping, and marketing advice and guidance for many businesses over the past 10 years.  I have also written and edited employee handbooks and policy manuals.

I am often hired to help clients get their homes and offices organized.  I assist and counsel them on such delicate and emotional issues as “purging” unneeded items, giving up old ways of thinking and doing things, and allowing change into their lives.

Following are a few of the projects on which I have consulted.

In 1990, I founded Renaissance Dancewear.  I built it into a national company with a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service.  It is the only national company from which one can order custom-made stretch garments for any occasion and to fit all needs and designs. After 17 years at the helm, I sold the company in 2006.  I spent a month training the new owner and his employees in every aspect of operating the business, from bookkeeping and marketing, to production, shipping, and customer relations.  Renaissance Dancewear continues as a successful business today.

Designed website, brochure, business card and other business literature and posters.  Advised on marketing and search engine optimization.

I currently own Waves of Change Healing Arts, and I edit and publish a holistic and metaphysical magazine, The Wave, which appears in print throughout the San Francisco North Bay and online.  I have designed and created, and currently maintain and update a website for Waves of Change and a website for The Wave, (which includes archived search engine optimized flip book versions of every issue.)