Certified Trainer - First Aid and CPR

I am fully certified to train and certify students in First Aid and CPR.  I have been teaching Technical Design and Production students Basic First Aid for The Theater at the University of Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music since 2010.  Before that, I taught First Aid in many other venues, including Youth Camps.

At the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, I worked with the Technical Director to establish a new Culture of Safety in the Technical Design and Production areas.  I created an Emergency Response Protocol to remedy the long standing issue of poor EMS response time, (due to confusion and lack of communication between EMS responders and students and staff who summon them).  I worked with the TD and students to use current methods, (video, social media), of disseminating information and teaching the protocols.

The Technical Director and I taught our junior and senior undergraduate students in CPR and in AED operation.  I worked with the CCM Facilities Manager and the UC Fire Inspector to make the costume shop, stock, dressing rooms, and related facilities clean, pleasant, and safe places to work.