Construction Challenges/Mentoring

Over the years,  I have taken on many special projects for select clients.  At right is a wedding photo showing several costumes I made for a Tudor themed wedding.  I designed and made all the costumes in this photo except for the red, gold, and green costumes to the far left.  The bride wanted a veil, even though this is not strictly a period appropriate accessory.


I was hired on occasion from 1991 to 1995 to be a guest teacher for special construction projects at Santa Rosa Junior College.  I created and planned construction methods, taught them to students, and oversaw their work in both the costume shop and the scene shop.  Here are photos of the “skin” of Smaug, the dragon.  Smaug was built on a complex armature so he could “breath”, (his rib cage moved), he had two sets of arms and hands articulated by two performers, his eyes glowed, his wings unfolded, “smoke” came out of his nostrils, his jaws moved so he could “talk”, and he could raise his head and neck up to reveal a here-to-fore hidden silver “vest” covering his neck and chest, per the story line.


Private Client Couture

I re-upholstered a wing back chair for a production of Noel Coward’s “Fallen Angels” for Dorset Theatre Festival, Dorset VT.

Construction for CCM

Silk Pants and Sailor Tops I cut and constructed for the “Angels” in “Anything Goes”

(CCM 2010)

Costumes designed by Nikki Glaros

Draper Regina Truhart




I was Cutter/Draper for CCM’s 2009 production of “Hair”.

Costume Designs by Reba Senske

A “princess” for CCM’s 2012 production of

“Into The Woods.”

I transformed an old, worn-out 18th century ivory brocade gown into this iconic princess gown.  Costume Designer, Dean Mogle.  Dyer, Amanda Newman.

I revamped the costume for Mysterious Man for CCM’s 2012 Production of  “Into The Woods”.  The base was a tunic used in a production mounted 15 years ago.  I enlarged the tunic to fit the current actor, added many more tatters and a braided rope belt, and created tattered and patched pants to match, crisscrossed with braided rope.  Costume Designer, Dean Mogle.  Dyer, Amanda Newman.