Editing & Publishing The Wave

The Wave is a print and online publication that focuses on the holistic, metaphysical, New Age and natural product communities in the San Francisco North Bay Counties, (Marin, Sonoma, Napa Counties, and the city of San Francisco), and is printed and distributed throughout this region six times a year.

With a print circulation of 10,000, The Wave is delivered to over 300 target market locations throughout the North Bay, in places where people who are interested in holistic, metaphysical and New Age subjects work, shop, visit, and gather.  Click Here for distribution locations.

The Wave also has a robust online presence at The Wave is currently 24 high quality pages, with plans to expand in 2016 to 32 pages, and currently features:

  1. Cover art by local artists

  2. Articles written by local holistic practitioners and metaphysicians

  3. A Culinary Arts section with healthy recipes featuring local, in-season foods

  4. New Age Book and Music Reviews

  5. Regular columns with advise on new paradigms for business owners and manifesting success.

  6. A Resource Directory of local holistic practitioners and businesses listed by practice and modality

  7. An Events Calendar featuring local classes, workshops, retreats and events of interest to the holistic and metaphysical communities in the North Bay

  8. Letter from The Editor (designed to be an inspirational message, rather then the usual rehash and promotion of the magazine’s contents that one finds in most “letters from the editor”.

The first issue was published in January of 2015, but preparation to launch this magazine began over a year earlier and included:

  1. Extensive market research

  2. Writing a 50 page business plan

  3. Learning how to create websites

  4. Design and creation of a website for the parent company, Waves of Change

  5. Design and creation of a website for The Wave

  6. Seeking and obtaining financial backing from several sources

  7. Learning new sales paradigms that include network marketing, Social Media marketing, and content marketing

  8. Seeking and obtaining mentorship from experienced publishers

  9. Sourcing printing and distribution services

  10. Locating and leasing office space

  11. Applying for an LLC

  12. Taking care of thousands of daily details involved in advertising The Wave, as well as creating, editing and publishing The Wave.

Tasks I currently perform for The Wave:

  1. Editing and proofreading all content

  2. Write Letter from the Editor

  3. Write Music and Book reviews

  4. Write an occasional article

  5. Prepare digital copy for printing

  6. Prepare and post digital copy in flip book format

  7. Design and create cover

  8. Design and create graphics for all articles and reviews

  9. Create layout

  10. Design and create many of ads for advertisers

  11. Network and marketing

  12. Social Media posts

  13. Maintain and update websites

  14. Design and create marketing materials, including print flyers, digital newsletters, emails, business cards, gift certificates, and many other print and digital materials.

  15. Customer service and correspondence

  16. Ad Sales

  17. Travel, exhibition, and speaking engagements

  18. Billing and collections

  19. Budgeting and AR/AP www.TheWaveHolisticJournal.com