Letters of Recommendation

July, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with Stacey Leigh for the past few years. In that time I have never been disappointed with her dedication, talent, or drive to complete the job.

Most recently, I worked as the Costume Shop Manager at NKU when Stacey taught there this past spring.  I observed her deal with many difficult situations and handle them with grace. Whether the situation was a difficult student, designer or another faculty or staff member, Stacey could always calmly discuss the situation and come to a resolution quickly. 

Stacey has an in-depth knowledge of both design and construction. Because she ran her own business for 15 years, she has a great understanding of not only the importance of meeting deadlines, but also of a quality product.  While working at NKU she instilled in her students not only the importance of meeting those deadlines, but how to most effectively meet those deadlines. She taught them the skills to complete any project within a given deadline, and to keep constant communication with director, designer, and shop staff.

Stacey is a great addition to any production team.  She brings with her not only her theatre knowledge, but her experience as well. As a freelance accountant she has expert knowledge about budgets, and how to most effectively use the money that is budgeted. Management comes second nature to Stacey.  She is fair, calm, and quick to get the job completed.

As stated before, Stacey Leigh is a great addition to any production team.

Laura Martin

Past NKU Costume shop manager

Currant Co-Owner 11th Hour Productions


Please note that I was married in Oct. of 2007 and my last name subsequently changed from Keaney to Mohr