115 Liberty St. #4

Petaluma, CA 94952



Marjorie Fazuzzi

Success In Hand

850 3rd St.

Santa Rosa, CA


Catherine Paine

Teacher, Montgomery High School

Santa Rosa, CA


Stirling Shelton

Technical Director, Associate Professor

University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music


Serge Ovechko

Cutter/Draper Houston Ballet


Serge is a very experienced tailor who has worked in many shops in the Ukraine and some in the United States.  He came to the US in 2009 to work, then attended CCM and graduated in the Spring of 2012 with an MA in Costume Technology.  I supervised him during his two years as a graduate assistant in the costume shop.  I also worked as his First Hand at Ohio Light Opera.

Angela Arndt, Phd

(812) 926-4610

I worked with Angela on several Arts related projects, and as a research associate for her PhD.

Laura Martin

CEO 11th Hour Innovations

(859) 466-9308  (937) 446-3624

I have worked for Laura on several arts-related projects for King’s Island and Northern Kentucky University.  She can attest to my work on “CATS!” and the classes I taught in conjunction with this production.

Jeffery Schoenberg

Owner of AJS Costumes

Current Owner of Renaissance Dancewear

(818) 845-5005

I sold my business, Renaissance Dancewear, to Jeff in 2006.  Part of the sale included over a month of personal training in business operations, (8 hrs/day 5 days/wk).  Jeff can attest to my office, bookkeeping and organizational skills, as well as my teaching and problem-solving skills.

Maryanne Scozzari

Theater Arts Costume Design Instructor, Santa Rosa Junior College

(707) 527-4268

Maryanne has hired me on several occasions to be a mentor for her students to guide them through special construction projects.  She also attended my seminar/workshop series and so can attest to my teaching abilities and my expertise in working with college students.