Skills, Experience, Abilities

I have had many work experiences over the years through which I have honed my ability to gage how long it will take to accomplish a task, what skill level it will require, and how to organize a work crew to handle a work load in the most efficient manner.  I have developed a management style that can get even the most chatty student or sullen worker to improve focus, speed, quality of work and attitude. 

Examples of my abilities in the areas of organization, management, troubleshooting, and crisis management, can be found during my tenure as Costume Shop Foreperson at the University of Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music, as well as my work at NKU, and in my businesses,  Stacey Leigh Seminars™ and  Renaissance Dancewear.

I am a gifted teacher, as is attested to in my letters of recommendation, and I very much enjoy teaching.  In my capacity as owner/operator of Renaissance Dancewear, I often had to train workers with only basic sewing skills how to use industrial machines, work with stretch fabrics, complete complicated assembly tasks and work quickly while still producing a quality product.  One such worker I trained came to me with only the most basic sewing skills.  She used the skills I taught her to start her own successful business making lingerie. 

After I sold Renaissance Dancewear, I started a seminar/workshop series, Stacey Leigh Seminars™, and traveled around the country teaching costumers how to make the products they used to buy from RD.  In the Spring of 2008, I taught the Costume Construction II class at Northern Kentucky University.

I have been the Costume Shop Foreperson for the University of Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music since August of 2008.  Part of my job includes teaching Drama and Musical Theater lab students basic sewing skills and supervising their work, as well as supervising and mentoring costume technology undergraduate and graduate students in costume production.

I have been designing costumes for full shows, musicals, comedies and dramas, since 1976.  Most of my designs have been for community theater shows with very tight budgets.  I learned early on to get a lot of bang for the buck. I have extensive experience working for designers and with designers, helping them to bring their visions to reality.  I recently designed the costumes for Northern Kentucky University’s production of “CATS”

I have draped, cut and sewn thousands of costumes throughout my career, for theater and for private clients.  I have learned to solve very difficult sewing problems am a skilled tailor, an alterations whiz, and a “speed” sewer, as well.  I further honed my patterning abilities through my 15 years of custom pattern drafting for Renaissance Dancewear.

I am an über organizer and have been hired on many occasions to re-organize offices, workspaces, businesses, files, homes, and schedules.  I have been hired to write employee manuals, edit books, and create graphics, programs, websites and brochures.  Below is an example of my organizational abilities.  When I was first hired as Costume Shop Manager at CCM, I was tasked with creating a calendar that would reflect the projected work flow and that included all deadlines for production work, designs, and production related paperwork.  This is one page from a calendar I created in Adobe InDesign.  I continue to use this template for all calendar pages.  Our scene shop prints 2 ft. x 2 ft. pages on their plotter and we post them, three months at a time, on our bulletin board.  This helps keeps the entire shop on schedule.  I post any changes directly on the calendar, as well as announcing them in our weekly shop meetings, so everyone is kept in the loop.





Drape, Cut & Construct